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Curriculum Materials Center: Home

This guide describes the CMC and the Library Science (children's literature) collections of Rohrbach Library as resources for education majors.

Curriculum Materials Center

The Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) is located on the Ground Level of Rohrbach Library. The collection contains pre-K through grade 12 resources for pre-service and in-service teachers and supports the College of Education curriculum.

Our main mission is to provide Kutztown University College of Education students and faculty with a representative collection of curriculum-related materials commonly used in U.S. public schools.  In combining these materials with appropriate instruction, we hope to ensure that students, faculty, staff, and local patrons are effective users of ideas and information.

The collection uses Library of Congress classification for call numbers and is divided into three areas: books, kits, and posters.

Books (including most textbooks) are located in the open stacks. Most books circulate for 28 days. AIMS books and all textbooks circulate for one week. Some books are part of kits and are located with the kit in the enclosed kit room.

Kits are located in the enclosed are of the Center. Although these materials are located in a separate room, this is an "open" collection, and patrons are encouraged to go in the room and explore. Kits circulate for one week. Some kits have a red label cover over their barcode. These kits do not circulate for various reasons. If you need to use one of these kits outside the library, please contact Karen Wanamaker, Education Librarian.

Posters are located in two large map/poster units outside of the kit room. These posters have many educational purposes and many even include a teacher's guide. There is a contents list located on the top of each set of drawers that details what is in each drawer. Poster circulate for one week.



Subject Guide / Librarian

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Karen Wanamaker
Education Librarian

Rohrbach Library

Office: Ground Level Room 21

Curriculum Materials Center