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GEAC Test:  

General Education Assessment Committee Evaluations

2020 SLO #8 - Explore concepts, ideas and methods from a variety of disciplines.



Graduates Data Visualization - illustrates the number of graduates from each college

Number of Prefixes Taken Visualization - Shows the number of different course prefixes taken per student broken down by the students' home college

Number of Courses Taken Within a Prefix Visualization - Shows the number of "course slots" taken by students within a prefix

Assessing This Assessment


Definition: Breadth of study is exposure to ideas from a variety of disciplines as defined by the course prefix. Through a transcript audit of graduating seniors, the number of different prefixes taken in the general education program is determined.

Link to SLO #8 Rubric:SLO #8 Breadth of Study

Assessment facts:

  • n = 1,005 students who graduated in the spring of 2020
  • These 1,005 students took X number of prefixes
  • The Average number of prefixes taken per student was Y
  • The average number of prefixes taken per student by home college:
    • COB Z prefixes
    • COE A prefixes 
    • LAS B prefixes
    • VPA C prefixes


2020 Graduates by College


Histogram - Number of Prefixes Taken Per Student


Histogram - Number of Courses Taken in a Prefix


Assessing This Assessment


For the next iteration:

  • Get data for both graduates and second-year students to compare and contrast
  • Be able to breakout transfer students
  • Consider the effects of double and triple majors, minors
  • Some courses changed prefixes - should those prefixes be combined?
  • Data suggests moving performance levels higher

2020 SLO #6 - Role of Values and Ethics

Under Construction

Under construction