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STEAMworks: Tools

A place to encourage discovery, creation, and learning—beyond the conventional—by supplying tools, inspiration, and know-how to spark the making, exploring, failing, sharing, trying-again, teaching and experiencing that make for a rich education.

Rohrbucks on the table

A few of our services have costs: we require payment to support the materials and maintenance needed to offer you chances to keep making great stuff! We cannot take cash; instead, pay us using Rohrbucks, our custom "copy cards" available in the KU Student Bookstore in denominations of $10, $5, and $2, or use the hard-earned Bear Bucks on your KU ID card or Paw Pass.

$ ⇩  Hit the link below to see our prices   

Shapeoko CNC Machine


Cricut Maker cutting machine

Shapeoko CNC Machine

Outfitted with a powerful router and a laser, this little rig will do your bidding to shape and cut woods as well as other materials according to your digital designs. 

Make an appointment to get yourself started with this this exciting new crafting tool!


Cricut Craft Cutter

Cost: $2/ft.2 if you weed & tape the vinyl yourself; $5/ft.2 full-service

Cricut Maker cutting machine

Cricut Maker

This is not your Nana's Cricut! The Maker, new flagship of everyone's favorite line of home crafting workhorses,  is a tiny CNC titan that works from a web interface to cut and draw on not just vinyl and paper, but also fabric, leather (!) and some woods (!!) and metals (!!!). 

Make an appointment to get yourself started with this this elegant little machine!




Ask a STEAMpunk! Get started on the Cricut Maker











3D Pens


Monoprice MP Select 3D Pens

3D pen making a gift box

We have two of these little gems. Unlike the first-generation 3-Doodlers and clones circa 2015, these fun tools use nontoxic PLA filament and an even lower-temperature analog, eMate, that melts at less than 100° C,



3D Printers

Cost: Twenty cents per gram of filament

New! Prusa i3 MK2S FDM, Cartesian

Make magazine chose this baby as #1 in its 2017 3D-printer shootout, in three categories: Outstanding Open-Source, Best Value, and, oh yeah, Best Overall. We'll never know how the plucky Czechs hauled it all the way from Prague to Kutztown in six days, but we're looking forward to seeing our Prusa print your Golden Bears, Raspberry Pi crusts, and Angry Chickens!

Printrbot Simple Metal FDM, Cartesian

We have two Printrbot Simple Metal printers ready for you to create your next 3D project. Check out our WORKSHOPS if you want to learn the fundamentals  If you need to do some troubleshooting, see the online documentation links in the other tabs.

Folger Tech Kossel 2020 Rev. B FDM, Delta

Exciting to watch, this star of the 3D printing scene at STEAMworks comprises, in the grand reprap tradition, a lot of plastic pieces that themselves 3D printed. It has a heated bed and can print with ABS or PLA filament.

Formlabs Form 1+ (Kutztown Technology Association)  SLA

The KTA sometimes runs its printer at STEAMworks. Its technology differs from that of the printers above, using lasers to harden liquid resin.

Prusa 3D Printing Handbook ➣

This excellent guide from Prusa Research in Prague, Czech Republic explains our i3 MK2S printer.             Drivers & firmware here!

Its build volume is 250mm x 210mm x 200 mm (9,84" x 8,3" x 8"). It can print with a half-dozen different materials including PLA and ABS, and its bed is differentially heated.

Printrbot documents ➣

There are tons of YouTube videos and web discussions about this rugged little beast. Be sure to search for the "Printrbot Simple Metal" when you're doing your research.

The Simple Metal has a build volume of 150mm on each axis (6" x 6" x 6" cube); it prints with PLA filament and does not have a heated bed.

Folger Tech Kossel 2020 build manual ➣

Peer into the guts of our delta printer. The FT Rev. B's build volume is 210mm on the X- and Y- axes and 310mm on the Z (8¼" wide & deep, 12" high); it can print with PLA and ABS and has a heated bed.





Sewing Machines

Janome Sewing and Embroidery Machines

Janome MC200e Embroidery machineJanome 8077 sewing machineThe Janome 8077 computerized sewing machine (left) is a rugged, easy-to-use workhorse with 30 stitches, each one of which can be configured along several parameters. ​

Our Janome MC200E embroidery machine (right) has a USB port; it can upload  your digital designs and bring them to life in fabric and thread. 



Vinyl Cutter

Cost: $2/ft.2 if you weed & tape the vinyl yourself; $5/ft.2 full-service

Roland GS-24 

This high-quality vinyl cutter is a digital precision instrument capable of quickly making lettering, decals, stickers, and a lot more.

Roland Vinyl Cutter Roland Vinyl Cutter


Matter and Form 3D scanner

Matter and Form 3D Scanner

Matter and Form 3D Scanner

Our Matter and Form 3D scanner, the size of a shoebox, will scan small objects that fit on its six-and-a-half-inch turntable. Using reflected laser light and two cameras, it creates a 3D file that you can edit, remix, and ultimately recreate on a 3D printer.

Scanned on our little machine, printed here (in black) and uploaded to Thingiverse.


For a more unusual (indeed, one-of-a-kind!) object that was scanned and printed here, visit our Instagram to see the clay original and its smaller plastic replica.


Digital Drawing Tablet

Monoprice drawing tablet & pen

A digital drawing tablet offers a great way to use graphic design software. Its surface recognizes differences in pressure that translate into thicker and thinner strokes on your canvas. In Photoshop, Illustrator, and even in simpler programs like Paint you can use this Monoprice tablet much as you do a mouse, but with far greater control and precision.
(Note to CD students: Rohrbach Library also has several Wacom tablets available for loan to Communication Design majors exclusively. Inquire in your department for details.)


Steam Cat in space (B&W), by Sarah RoeskeSteam Cat in Space (color), by Sarah RoeskeSTEAMcat, reading and getting a great idea

Steam Cat, drawn and shaded by Sarah Roeske on the STEAMworks Monoprice tablet! 




Cost: 50 cents/linear foot (width is 25 inches)

GBC Ultima 65 Thermal Laminator

Heat laminator

It's not so much a DIY tool, usually, but we do offer lamination services during most of the library's open hours. 

You can drop lamination jobs at the library's Main Desk any time and pick them up there with a 24-hour turnaround. When STEAMworks is open you can bring them straight to us for faster service!

This machine takes a good long while to heat up, so allow at least 15 minutes of turnaround time.









Dremel Rotary Tool

Dremel rotary tool set with motor and bitsWe're told the Dremel rotary tool can spin more than thirty thousand RPM—and with a respectable amount of torque, too. 

Our motor has 15 speed settings, and there's an array of fittings for sanding, polishing, grinding, routing...really, it's the electric Swiss Army Knife.

it's simpler to list the things you can't do with a Dremel.

That would be dentistry, here at STEAMworks. We draw the line at dentistry. Please. Don't.

But always do wear eye protection when using this thing. We've got goggles galore.


Button & Fridge Magnet Maker

Cost: Twenty cents per button ~ Fifty cents per magnet

Button machine and circular cutting die

Button Machine, Instructions, and Campus Button ChartThe STEAMworks button maker turns out high-quality 1.5-inch buttons. It is admirably user friendly, and instructions are on display to help you achieve buttonmaking mastery. 



Here's a template (it's a PSD file, so you must open it in Photoshop or in GIMP) with layers so you can accurately place and size your images to make epic buttons. Photoshop is available on all KU lab computers. 

One-layer templates:       JPG format              BMP (bitmap) format

Color printing's available here or at the library's Main Desk. An 8½"x11" sheet costs a single Rohrbuck.


Templates for makers

PSD multi-layer template (Must first download, then open in Photoshop.)  Layers enable you to easily place and size your images to make great buttons. Photoshop is available on all KU lab computers. 

One-layer templates:       JPG format              BMP (bitmap) format


Guides to the machine



Some buttons made at STEAMworks


Quincy Rohrbach, Simon the Steamcat, Ed Snowden...we're all about the buttons.

What sort of badge, or pin, or whatever you call it, will you create at STEAMworks?


Color Inkjet Poster Printer

Cost: $2.25/linear foot (width is two feet)

HP Designjet 130

Large Format Printer

Prints 24" wide, infinitely long (we use rolls of 24-pound paper*), and in vivid inkjet color. Can print on rigid media up to .015" thick. Note that this is not a plotter; it's a printer.


    *As a point of reference, standard printer/copy paper is 20 pounds.







Monochrome Thermal Poster Printer

Cost: $3/print (24" roll); $4/print (39" roll)

Fuji Pro Image XL 3000

Monochrome thermal printer

Scans letter-sized documents & prints them 2' x 3' or even larger, in a single color. You can choose to have the color (blue, black, green, red, or maroon) as the foreground or as the background.

Thermal printer reversed


The finished product  is on flimsy paper like what comes out of a receipt printer or FAX machine. But, WAY bigger.


Traditional Tools

Many, many tools

 Real-time inventory of STEAMworks tools

Vice  Flat Head Drivers Sizes 3/8, 5/16, 1/4, 3/16; and Torx Drivers Phillips Head Drivers Sizes #2 - #4, Tape, First aid kit, and Misc. Drivers 

Hand Saw, and Replacement Blades Hammers, varying in sizes.  Wire Cutters, Wire Strippers, and Locking Pliers Wrenches varying in size, and Allen wrenches varying in size Rivet gun and rubber bands  Needle Nose Pliers, Tape Measure, File, and Dental Tools Magnifying Head Lamp, C clamps, Squares, Staple Gun, and Flashlight

  • Power Drill
  • Screwdrivers
  • Allen Wrenches
  • Wrenches
  • Hand Saws
  • Fine Point Tools (Dental Tools)
  • Tweezers
  • Razor Blades/Straight Edge
  • File Tape Measure
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Wire Stripper
  • Wire Cutter
  • Snap Ring Plier
  • Volt-ohm-Meter
  • Staple Gun
  • Flashlight
  • Magnets
  • Mirrors
  • Condenser Lens
  • Brushes
  • CR1616​ battery
  • Button Machine (1.5")
  • Metal Spudger Set
  • Hand Crank Flashlight
  • Helping Hands (3rd Job)
  • De-soldering Wick
  • Locking Pliers
  • Rivet Gun Kit
  • Head Magnifier
  • Spackle Knives

See an up-to-date inventory of our tools


Studio Camera & Video Software

Canon EOS Rebel T6i, plus Dragonframe and OBS Studio software and Adobe Creative Cloud 2015

Canon Rebel DSLROur studio includes the greenscreen and this reliable DSLR camera with video and audio capability, professional-grade lighting, and a pair of sturdy tripods.

Our iMac has an array of software that can help you turn your visions to high-quality video productions, and to achieve amazing edits with still images as well. 


Sticker Maker

Cost: 80 cents per six linear inches


Xyron 500 Create-a-Sticker Max

Our Xyron sticker maker uses five inch wide tape to easily apply a sticky, peel-off backing to what you feed into it, up to cardstock thickness.




It looks like this.

You can use the greenscreen along with many types of video and still image applications to key out the background and transport yourself or your subject to a different place and time. It's magical!

Eiffel Tower leaping around a cow pastureAfter we printed a model of the Eiffel Tower, we photographed it in front of the greenscreen and transported the iconic structure to a cow pasture just this side of Virginville. 

(Again, it's a bit more spectacular on our Instagram.)



To encourage discovery, creation, and learning—beyond the conventional—by supplying. tools, inspiration, and know-how to spark the making, exploring, failing, sharing,trying-again, teaching and experiencing that make for a rich education.


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