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CMP 100 - Dr. Morris: Home

Topics to be covered

  1. How to conduct credible and objective research on a controversial topic.
  2. How to use library databases for research
  3. How to determine which databases are good for which topics: newspapers for current events; JSTOR for historical events and humanities
  4. Difference between primary texts and secondary texts and the role played by each in a research project.
  5. How to develop useful search strings to make one's research more efficient - to find your info quickly and thoroughly.
  6. How to find physical books and journals in the library
  7. How to use Interlibrary Loan, when to use it and the importance of using it correctly
  8. MLA Style documentaion
    1. Paranthetical
    2. Works cited page
    3. Building Works Cited pages using MSWords online tool
    4. Using the Purdue OWL
    5. Usinng Purdue OWL to find help with grammar punctuation, MLA and parenthetical citations.

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