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COM 10 - Dr. Weckerle: Working with databases to focus your topic

Focusing a topic

When trying to find information to support your topic

  • Write down your topic in one or two sentences.
  • Pick out the most important adjectives and nouns.
  • Take each word or phrase and place it in one of the search boxes.
  • Do a search
  • Look for articles that are relevant to your topic.
  • Note new words and phrases from the titles and the abstracts of good articles
     and use those words in further searches

If you are having trouble finding enough articles...

  • Do a search
  • Look for an article that is relevant to your topic.
  • Click on the title,
  • Look at the Subjects or Descriptors to see what the proper phrase is for that database.
  • Look for important adjectives and nouns in the abstract.
  • Revise your search using the new subjects and words you found.