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FYS 100 - Dr. El Mounadi: Library Databases

Library Databases

General Databases for Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Magazine & Newspaper Articles:

You can access these by using the A-Z Database link on the homepage

and then using the list of sources in the column on the right

Boolean Searching

Boolean Search

And / Or / Not

This is an algebraic concept, but don't let that scare you away. Boolean connectors are all about sets. There are three little words that are used as Boolean connectors:

  • and
  • or
  • not

Think of each keyword as having a "set" of results that are connected with it. These sets can be combined to produce a different "set" of results. You can also exclude certain "sets" from your results by using a Boolean connector.

AND is a connector that requires both words to be present in each record in the results. Use AND to narrow your search.

Search TermHits
whales 999 hits
dolphins 876 hits
whales AND dolphins 123 hits

The words 'whales' and 'dolphins' will both be present in each record.

OR is a connector that allows either word to be present in each record in the results. Use OR to expand your search.

Search TermHits
ebola    97 hits
Marburg 75 hits
Ebola OR Marburg 172 hits

Either 'adolescents' or 'teenagers' (or both) will be present in each record.

NOT is a connector that requires the first word be present in each record in the results, but only if the record does not contain the second word.

Search TermHits
Mass media 423 hits
Radio 352hits
Mass Media NOT radio 275 hits

So a search for enterica bacteria that excludes salomonella would look like this

From the homepage:

On the library homepage, select the first maroon DATABASES A-Z.  This is the portal to all the library databases.