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FYS 100: Globalization & Challenge (2022) with Dr. Kutch: Analyzing a Topic

Beginning Your Research

Topic List -- What kind of topic is it?

  • how COVID 19 has changed the world (think of a specific example)
  • major cultural differences and travel
  • global learning disabilities and accommodations, or lack thereof (Education)
  • traditional academic evaluation; grading/ungrading (Education)
  • future of the workplace (Business)
  • gender issues/redefining gender
  • generational issues/conflicts
  • childhood poverty and the wealth gap
  • classism
  • stereotypical assumptions about others based on outward appearances/nationalities, etc
  • BLM and its international reach
  • the art of short film (ART)
  • language learning and unexpected outcomes (Education)

Developing a list of Search terms

Synonyms or Broadening Terms (OR) -- Any of the terms can be listed in the article's data

  • Banned books
  • Challenged books
  • Prohibited books

Focusing or Narrowing Terms (AND)  -- All terms need to be listed in the article's data

  • Racism
  • LBGT
  • Age of the child
  • Religious or Political groups