Commission on Human Diversity

Taking Action: Social Justice For All?

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Program and Presenters

All events are in the McFarland Student Union Building (MSU) whose information desk on the Second Floor is staffed throughout the Conference.

9am - 9:50am Jennifer Schlegel
Talking Hate
MSU 183
Maria Sanelli
Living Outside of Your Box: Spiritual and Emotional Safety and Difference on the University Campus
MSU 223
Bridget Tinney
Social Justice Art Ed: Creating Connections in a Middle School Classroom
MSU 250
Katie Sternbergh &
Stephen Stoeffler

The Importance of White Privilege Self-Awareness in Professional Development
MSU 157
10am - 10:50am ALLIES / Nykolai Blichar
What's After Marriage? (Panel)
MSU 223
Jonathan Asayag
Advancing Cultural Competence in the Human Service Sector
 MSU 157
Lauren Moss
Interracial Alliances: The Important Role of School Counselors
MSU 250
Deborah Johnson
The Rage of Racism: How to Work Toward Social Justice
MSU 183
11am - 11:50am Delta Alpha Pi / Kathy Buschan
Working for an Adaptable World (Panel)
MSU 223
George Sirrakos
Keepin' it Real: Privilege, Equity, and Justice
MSU 183
Amy Pfeiler-Wunder
Privilege: Examining the Impact of Our Professional Identities on the Students We Teach
MSU 250
Danelle Bower
Latinidad and Higher Education
MSU 157

Noon - 1pm

Keynote speaker: Dr. Arthur Thomas

MSU 218


1:10pm - 1:50pm

Finding Jenn's Voice:  Documentary Film for Social Change with filmmaker Tracy Schott
MSU 183

2pm - 2:50pm Amanda Morris, Kristina Fennelly, & Kerry Hasler-Brooks
Teaching Diversity as Social Justice Action
MSU 183

Joanne Cohen Hamilton
Transparent Communications as a Cure for Social Injustice? Report on Rankin (Panel)
MSU 223

Julia Hovanec
Making the Invisible, Visible Through Picture Books
MSU 250
Nykolai Blichar
Privilege and Oppression
MSU 157

3pm - 3:50pm

Female Representation in PASSHE Leadership
MSU 218

3:50pm »

Closing Remarks & Evaluations