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Policies: Emeriti Professors & Visiting Scholars

Lending: Visiting and Emeriti Professors

  • Policy Statement: The library provides borrowing privileges to Visiting Professors and Emeriti Professors.
  • Rationale: Visiting professors and Emeriti need borrowing privileges to both continue their research and for leisure reading activities.
  • Background: Visiting professors are professors from another University who are visiting and teaching at Kutztown University for a short period of time. Emeritus status is granted to Kutztown University professors by the University President upon the professor’s retirement. The professor must have served the University for at least 10 years.
  • Regulations:
    • Visiting professors and emeriti often need to be added into the database as new patrons.
    • Loan Period: 180 days, except for rented books, which circulate for 28 days. Curriculum Materials Center textbooks and kits circulate for one week.
    • Renewals: One 180-day renewal, except for Curriculum Materials which cannot be renewed.
    • Holds & Recalls: Can be placed on print materials by contacting the Information Commons desk.
    • Maximum number of items: 50
    • Overdue Fines: None.
    • Fees for lost items: Standard fee for the type of item borrowed; no processing fee; borrowing privileges suspended indefinitely when the patron owes fees for a item.

Approved by the Dean of Library Services 07/2008