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Negro Leagues baseball sources for Pride and Passion: Oct. 17: Sanelli

Event schedule and details for the Fall 2012 Pride and Passion exhibit, plus materials in Rohrbach Library and beyond on the history of blacks in baseball.

Dr. Sanelli


Maria Sanelli

Maria Sanelli, Ed.D
Associate Professor of History Education
Director, Frederick Douglass Institute
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
610-683-4390 (History)
610-683-4448 (FDI)
610-683-4047 (fax)

Negro League baseball in the curriculum

The focus of this presentation is to demonstrate how themes and issues reflected in studying African American baseball are rooted in U.S. history and social studies. These themes include, but are not limited to, economic, social and political studies, family history and genealogy, education, military history, and civil rights. These themes can be explored by examining individuals (talent), organizations (teams), and communities (towns) involved with African American Baseball. Lesson plans will be shared that synthesize the most reliable primary and secondary source materials on the subject in a useful format for educators.
This presentation will be given by Dr. Maria Sanelli, Kutztown University History Department, Wednesday, October 17, Rohrbach Library, Room 100B from 7pm-9pm. Touring the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum's Pride and Passion exhibit will follow.