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Getting Started

The information in this guide was constructed specifically for Dr. Vitz' Inorganic Chemistry class.  For this assignment you will need to use the databases listed below.


  1. American Chemical Society Journals - This database is an excellent place to start.  It will give you access to full-text articles.  It indexes those periodicals produced by the ACS and purchased by our library. 
  2. SciFinder - After you have done some preliminary searching in the ACS journals (listed above),  you will want to move on to SciFinder searching. SciFinder searching is a mediated search.  You will need to talk to the librarian (see contact info to the right) or your professor to do this. 
  3. Science Citation Index - This database is great for finding out who else cited an article.  If you have identified an article that on your compound, you can often find more information on other people who have conducted experiments with it, by searching for people who have cited the article.  Science Citation Searching helps you to do this. 

Your Librarian

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