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Inorganic Chemistry: Science Citation Searching

ISI's Web of Science

The best way to search for citations is by using the "Cited Reference Search"

  • Go to ISI Web of Knowledge
  • Make sure that you are in the "Web of Science" tab
  • Go to the "Cited Reference Search" under the tab.
  • Put the author information in the first text box.
  • Under the second text box there is a hyperlink to "Journal Abbreviation list"  Open the list and find the abbreviation for the journal title you are interested in. 
  • Put the journal abbreviation in second text box.
  • The result list will show all the citations by that author in that journal.  A blue hyperlink will appear if we have access to the information.  In the case of older materials we may not have access to the materials.

NOTE:Be careful about verifying pre-1974 citations by using "search" or "advanced search".  Pre-1974 are not indexed in the "search" and "advanced search" search engine; you will come up with no hits.  By using Cited Reference Search you will be able to see the how many times the pre-1974 article was cited, but you will not be able to obtain the specific results.  At the present time we have no way of doing a citation search on an article published before 1974.

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