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2010 Kutztown University Agricultural Forum: The FILM

Resources to accompany the February 20, 2010 screening of Food, Inc. and panel discussion featuring local growers and agricultural experts

Food, Inc. preview

About Food, Inc.

Official Food Inc. website  With links to opportunities for activism and further education, a search tool to identify local organic farmers, and a wealth of information about the issues addressed in the film, this site is an excellent starting point for taking action and further exploring topics of American food production and farm policy.  


New York Magazine's review exhorts readers to "See it. Bring your kids if you have them. Bring someone else’s kids if you don’t."

The review in The Atlantic is titled, "Yes, You Have To See Food, Inc."

Rolling Stone, too, highly recommends the film.  "The movie offers solid alternatives. If the way to an audience's heart is through its stomach, Food, Inc. is a movie you're going to love."

Even Roger Ebert, dean of American film critics, gives this one 3½ stars in a review that reads like a health article: "You couldn't eat enough corn kernels in a day to equal the number of calories in a bag of corn chips. Corn syrup can be addictive. And then there's fat and salt. A fast-food meal is a heart attack in a paper bag..."