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For information on library services during Fall 2020 go to our COVID 19 guide

BIO 270 Research Methods: Reserving Study Rooms

The primary guide to the library services and resources available to Biology majors

Fall 2020 - a very special semester

Study Rooms are closed in accordance with COVID 19 protocols. 

The information below will be accurate when/if the COVID protocols are lifted.


Reserve your study room online:

Go to

Click on STUDY ROOMS on the right.

The GREEN boxes are times the rooms are available.

Problems?  Call the Information Commons Desk at 610-683-4480

If you are having difficulties with other students using a reserved room, please go the the Information Commons Desk and ask for assistance from one of the Library Staff.



Reserving Study Rooms

There are 6 Study Rooms on the First Floor in the older part of the building, and 2 on the Second Floor.

Group Study Rooms are often at a premium.  We encourage students to make a reservation.

You must use your KU student email to reserve a room.

The room may be be reserved for 1, 1½, or 2 hour blocks. 

Students make make up to three reservations at one time.

Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

You have 15 minutes into the reservation period to claim the room.  After that, the reservation is considered cancelled, and the room will be open to anyone.

If a room is not posted on the door as RESERVED for the time you need it, you are free to use it.