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Segregation and the Library -- History: Relevant Links

A bibliography to accompany the film Out of Obscurity: The Story of the Alexandria Library Sit-In, prepared by Claire Andrews and Bruce Jensen

Race and Libraries: Brief Webliography

In 2006 the American Library Association (ALA) released Diversity Counts, a comprehensive study of gender, race and age in the library profession.  About 25 percent of Americans were non-white, compared with 11 percent of credentialed librarians; African Americans made up 5 percent of the profession but 12.3 percent of the population; Latinos represented 2 percent of the profession and 12.5 percent of the population.


In 2009 we lost E.J. Josey, a pioneering civil rights activist.  His Library Journal obituary is here.

The American Library Association's Social Responsibilities Round Table

The independent Progressive Librarians' Guild

Bibliography: Print version

Rohrbach librarian Prof. Claire Andrews prepared the bibliography on which this guide is based.  For a printable version of her bibliography, click here.