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ENG 023 - Master: Google and PageRank

How Google Ranks Results

*Google sorts its search results using the PageRank technology. The rank is based on the number of other pages Google knows about that link to page X. The more pages that link to page X, the higher its PageRank will be.

*Links from pages with higher ranks count for more than links from pages with lower ranks.  Each outside link to a page is counted as a “vote” for that page.

*Google counts many layers of “votes” in their PageRank technology – it’s not just who voted for you, but who voted for them, and who voted for them, etc.

*The “popularity contest” aspect of PageRank can be a concern when doing academic research. Scholarly results related to your topic may be less popular than results with a commercial or entertainment focus.

Google PageRank

How does Google work?

Hear it from the source - how does Google work?