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SPT 270 Sport and Society -- Dr. Lottes: Finding good internet websites

A study guide of finding scholarly articles for research projects in Sports and Society

Examples of good websites

Remember to evaluate websites using the CUBE:

  1. Content
  2. Up-to-Date
  3. Bias
  4. Experts


Finding reliable websites on the Internet

Finding good Web Sites on the open internet

Use Google’s advanced search

  • put in your keywords and then add this phrase to your search to find educational institution sites: 
  • put in your keywords and then add this phrase to your search to find organization sites:
  • Google's own guide to these kinds of search tips are here.  In the examples, substitute your keywords when you see the word query.

Google Scholar

This is NOT, but a SUBSET of that retrieves journal articles in the open public part of the internet.  These are legitimate scholarly articles where the holder of copyright has decided to share the information without charging licensing fees.

Google Scholar Search

Use with caution

  1. Wikipedia -- Not to be cited in a scholarly paper.  Wikipedia is great to find out quick facts, like definitions, birth and death dates, or correct spellings. I use it a lot for that type of information. Always verify the information in a more reliable source, like a book or an article, and then cite that source in your paper.  
  2. Celebrity athlete websites -- For example, .com sites or Facebook pages.   These are websites with a very particular bias -- to present their subjects in a positive light.