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EDU 101: CMC Materials

A Libguide to help students locate information for a journal article review and an educational theories paper

About the CMC

About the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC)

  • Location and Mission: The CMC is located on the Ground Level of the Rohrbach Library. The collection contains PK-12 resources for pre-service and in-service teachers. The main mission of the CMC is to provide KU College of Education students and faculty with a representative collection of curiculum-related materials commonly used in U.S. schools
  • The Collection: The CMC contains three main areas of materials - books, kits, and posters.
    • The books, including most textbooks, are located in the open-area stacks. Most books circulate for 28 days. AIMS books and textbooks circulate for one week. Books that accompany a kit are located, whenever possible, with that kit. Some books are non-circulating because of demand.
    • The kits are located in the enclosed room in the CMC area. Although the materials are enclosed in the kit room, this collection is an open collection where patrons can browse materials. Most kits do circulate, and the loan period for them is one week. Kits that do not circulate are marked with a red label cover over the barcode.
    • The posters are located in the large map drawers on the outside of the kit room. The posters are considered kits and circulate for one week. There is a list of contents for each drawer on top of the cases.

Classification of Materials

Like most of the other materials in the Rohrbach Library, the CMC’s materials are classified in the Library of Congress Classification Scheme.

All call numbers will start with one or two letters followed by numbers.

Once you find the right call number for items that interest you, you can use that call number in the CMC’s areas (books, kits, & posters) as well as in other collections of the library – or in any library that also has Library of Congress Classification!


Locating Materials

There is a black “Classification Notes” folder at the dictionary stand in the CMC that alphabetically contains topics and their general call numbers and a chart on the book shelves and kit shelves that lists the general classification call numbers by subject in both the Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal classification systems.