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LibGuide to help you find an article for Project One: Coming to Terms with a Text

The Assignment

Web Links

You might find an interesting article using one of these academic web sites:

Finding an article about Standardized Testing

Welcome to the LibGuide for this assignment.  Below you will find links to three databases that contain articles from many sources about many topics, including atandardized testing. Your goal is to find an article, op-ed, or essay from an academic journal, a large, reputable newspaper or magazine, or an academic website that is appropriate for this assignment.

Research Library - another general academic database that covers all subjects.  This database provides access to some unique content when compared to Academic Search Complete.  For example, Research Library contains The New York Times while Academic Search Complete does not.

Academic Search Complete - a general academic database that covers all subjects.  Be careful to only use a source from an appropriate publication, as this database also includes articles from non-academic sources.  You should be able to discern, based on the writing style, in-text-citations, and publication title whether or not something is from an appropriate source.

Education Source - this database contains articles dealing with the fiels of education, from Pre-K education to higher education.  This resource will not provide any information from newspapers or general interest magazines, only professional and academic publications from the field of education.

Click the tab above labeled "Sample Search" for a sample search screen and some sample search terms.

Some recommended journal titles you should be on the look-out for (click on the title to search or browse the journal):

Middle School and Secondary Education: