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PHI 113 - Environmental Philosophy with Prof. Corsa


Make use of the Topic Browse feature attached to the searchbox. This can give you a rich overview of what's been written on various topics.

Note the utility of the PhilPapers screen with link to Google Scholar highlightedFind it on Scholar link in the article view of PhilPapers.

It can be particularly helpful when you're on campus: the version of Google Scholar on KU's network gives direct links to the text of articles held in our databases.

A link to the KU-enhanced version of Scholar is among the databases below; if you're off campus right now, an article by Rutgers Professor Gary Francione serves to demonstrate its advantages. In the conventional version of Scholar, no link appears to the right of the article citation, but on the campus network or when logged in to the authenticated version, the same search shows a Full Text @ Kutztown link.

Sending a search through multiple focused databases

EBSCO is not a database. EBSCO is the brand name of a company that supplies dozens of our library's databases. 

The advantage to knowing this: you can hand-pick particular EBSCO databases to search simultaneously 

Three of those linked from this page—Religion & Philosophy Collection, GreenFILE, and Philosopher's Index—are EBSCO databases. 

Hence you can, if you want, save time by sending the same search through two of these databases, or all three, at the same time. To select databases for such a simultaneous search, hit the Choose Databases link above the searchboxes.

A journal of note