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Anthropology/Sociology Department - Research and Teaching Support: Digital Humanities

Highlights services available from the library to support the research and teaching mission of the Department of Anthropology/Sociology

Technology in Pedagogy & Research

Digital visualization of an archaeological site 3D-[D]igging
Digital visualization of an archaeological site as part of the 3D-[D]igging project described in "3-D Digging at Çatalhöyük"


Your library has long been committed to building and maintaining tech tools to advance scholarship and teaching. Your field, too, has amazing projects going on, such as Beverly Chiarulli's work at IUP with archeology and "virtual worlds." Today's rich panoply of digital humanities initiatives is exciting and chances are you have students who'd like to be part of it. 

In my capacity as Emerging Technologies Librarian I'm eager to bring our resources to bear to help you on projects that use any form of digital deus ex machina to disseminate knowledge, ignite learners' curiosity, and boost engagement.

Room 18 on the library's Ground Floor is slated for development as a new kind of lab. All we know it that it'll be a space for many kinds of creative acts, likely to include digital scholarship and teaching. Its eventual form must be shaped by what we hear from people like you, so I sincerely hope you'll consider participating as an advisor