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CDH 150 - Library Resources for Research Posters: Print Books for Art Research

This guide supports the Midtterm Research Poster Assignment for Professor Lemon's class

The Art Collection IN the Rohrbach Library

Main Collection - First Floor -  near the Coffee Shop


"N" is the class for Fine Arts.

Under "N" the books are organized by medium.

N - General books and
comprehensive books on Art History.
NA - Architecture
NB - Sculpture
NC - Drawing and Commercial Design
ND - Painting
NE - Prints & Engraving

Under each medium, the books are in chronological order by the period of Art History that the book is about.

All books about a particular artist are grouped together. For example, the Van Gogh is under ND 653 G7. There you will find books of his paintings, autobiographical and biographical books, exhibition catalogs, and criticisms.

Photography is classed in the Technology section, rather than the Arts.  Photographers and photography can be found in the TR section on the second floor, near the bound journals.

When artists have worked in more than one medium, the book is placed with the predominant medium the artist is known for.

Main Collection - Second Floor

Books on Photography, Crafts, Typography, Book Design and Oversize Books.

Take the stairs at the coffee shop and walk toward the front of the building.  The oversize books will be on your left.  The "T" and "Z"s are on your left..

"Oversize" are books that are larger or wider than most books.  Look here for exhibition catalogs and "coffee table" books. 

In the Library of Congress classification scheme for books, books on technologies are in the section.

TR - Photography

TT  - Crafts, such as textiles, wood, glass, and lettering..

The beginning of the Z section includes the history of books, typography, and publishing 




Notes on Using the Library Catalog

Tips for searching the

  1. Enter personal names last name first: Scher, Paula.
  2. The Catalog does not suggest or correct spelling errors.
  3. Use the Advanced Search for more clarity.
  4. For examples of an artist's work, use the AUTHOR search
  5. For critiques or info about an artist, search his name with the SUBJECT search.