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CDH 150 - Library Resources for Research Posters: Using Creative Commons images

This guide supports the Midtterm Research Poster Assignment for Professor Lemon's class

Citing images using Creative Commons

When using images it is very important the image is licensed for viewers to copy and use elsewhere.

Images are copyrighted. The license sits on top of the copyright and tells you what restrictions the copyright holder (publisher, creator, owner) has placed on the use of the image.

Creative Commons (CC) licenses offer public use of otherwise copyrighted works.  This is sometimes referred to as Open Access.  There are large collection of images with CC licenses, such as FLICKR.

When you are using a Creative Commons image, you will need to attribute that image to the copyright holder.  Here is an example of how to do that.

Sources for Creative Commons and Open Access images


Before using images, try to find the terms of service and make sure that you are free to use the image, and follow all the directions for attribution and use.

Flickr now includes an option to mark media uploaded to the site as being in the Public Domain. Flickr maintains The Commons, which offers access to images no known copyright restrictions from over 70 institutions, most of them are governmental or cultural.
First search for your topic.  Then select IMAGES from the bar at the top of the page. After the images appear, in the same line as IMAGES select TOOLS.  The third option is IMAGE RIGHTS.