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ENG 278: Assignment

Library resources for ENG 278 - Women Writers Around the World

Assignment - Fall 2016

ENG 278:  Final Paper Assignment


In your (1500-word minimum) paper, you should make connections between at least two primary texts (novels, films, short stories) and make an argument about the connections and observations you make.  You will incorporate at least two other secondary texts as research.  Be sure to incorporate direct quotes from all of your sources into your essay and to analyze these quotes.

While we will not spend time workshopping the essay during class, I would strongly encourage you to work with a peer group often as you revise your paper.  I encourage you to visit the writing center (it’s free!) during any step of your writing process ( 

Also, don’t forget that I have five office hours a week.  I would be happy to chat with you at any point in the process of writing your paper.  Also, Monday 11/21 is a conference day, though at that point you should already have written a good part of your paper.

Consider the issues that have interested you during the semester:  prison, body fluids, voice, freedom, name (or lack of), colonization, tradition, menstruation, etc.

I “collect” the essays on D2L.  If you would like comments on your draft, please note this request in the comments of your submission.  Otherwise, I will simply post a grade to D2L.

To submit the paper, follow these steps:

  • Write your essay using Microsoft Word (or save your document as a .doc or .docx)
  • Save the essay using your last name (for example, “abbuipeacepaper”)
  • Post the paper to the Assignments Dropbox by 11 AM, 12/7.  You can certainly submit the paper early. (Right now I am using this as the due date, but this date may change based on any changes in the finals schedule due to the job action.)

Please keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Use MLA citation for parenthetical documentation; please attached a works cited page.
  • Be sure to use direct quotes from the text.  Direct engagement with the texts is an essential element of this assignment.
  • Format the paper using one-inch margins, Times New Roman font, and double-spacing.  Be sure to include an MLA-format heading on the first page of the essay. (No title page; unsure of what the heading should look like? Go here:
  • Ask, ask, ask.  Let me help you create your best writing.