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ENG 126WI: Assignment

Assignment - Spring 2017

Final Paper: Due Thursday, May 11, by 5 pm. in the D2L drop box.

Please write a Reflection Essay of 5-6 pages (typed and double-spaced) in which you discuss the ways in which three different works of literature, film, or television about sports shed light on larger human issues. Ask yourself questions like the following: How do my chosen works' depiction of sports or sporting events reveal truths about particular societies, their politics, or their economies? What do they tell us about matters of nationality, race, class, gender, or sexuality? What do they tell us about art, ethics, or psychology? What do they tell us about our future?

In addition to your three primary works, you must refer to at least six secondary sources—two for each primary work—in your discussion that you have obtained from JSTOR, MLA Bibliography, EBSCOhost, Google Scholar, or the Rohrbach Library. You may use two of the texts, films, or TV shows we discussed over the course of the semester as two of your primary texts in the paper. You must discuss at least one text--book, short story, poem, or play--in your paper.

Be sure to use MLA formatting throughout the essay, which means be sure to include a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. Your grade for this assignment will be derived from a combination of factors: the originality of your arguments and the degree to which your paper makes a persuasive case for its validity based on the arguments and evidence you present in your discussion; the fluidity of your prose; the organization of your ideas, sentences, and paragraphs.