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STEAMworks: Workshops/Events

E-Books Unbound!

Learn how to fill your mind, and your devices, with a dazzling array of brilliant reading matter from Rohrbach Library's online collections and beyond.


  • COSTS: None
  • EQUIPMENT: None required; personal tablets, phones, and laptops encouraged
  • WORKSHOP LENGTH: Approx. 50 minutes

USES: E-books are convenient and increasingly accessible: our library alone has upwards of 200,000. But they can be difficult for the first-time user. This workshop shows how easy and rewarding it can be to consume library e-books on all kinds of devices. We'll look not only at the Rohrbach Library collection but also those of local public libraries, and other free sources of great reading & listening.

GOAL: By the end of the workshop users will understand the many formats available through our library, and will be comfortable with borrowing books from our major platforms. Beyond pleasure reading, they will become acquainted with various tools for using such books to enhance scholarship. Users will be able to experience several different types of reading devices while learning about their capabilities and limitations. They will also gain exposure to other important e-book sources beyond Rohrbach Library.

The handout above is a compass that can point you toward countless interesting destinations. But it, alone, can't begin to answer the myriad questions the traveler might have along the way. Please, ask those questions freely of Bruce Jensen.

Infographics, Fantastic! Poster-Size and Online

Hit the image at right, or the link below, to get the printable, clickable online handout.

First page of infographics handout

thumb [...]

Tile Coaster

A finished coasterCome in to create personalized tile coasters! The ceramic tile base makes them sturdy and durable, while the addition of your own photos makes them unique to you.

  • Cost: None! We supply the teal tiles & other materials, so just bring a couple of your favorite images! (The pictures can be on photo paper or printer paper, but no more than four inches square.)
  • Workshop Length: Less than an hour. Because the finished coasters have to dry overnight, you'll be able to pick them up the following day or have them delivered. 



Document Your Process | A Guide to Creating an Instructional Video

This workshop will instruct you on use of a GoPro or other simple camera, basic sound, and basic editing, to create media that documents the working and creative process of your project.*


  • COSTS: None
  • EQUIPMENT: GoPro Kit and Editing Software (Provided)
  • WORKSHOP LENGTH: Approx. 1.5 hours

USES:These types of videos not only document your work but also become an educational tool for others looking to create the same projects. The video production process can assist you in learning how to troubleshoot unforeseen challenges.

GOAL: By the end of the workshop users know how to create a simple outline for their work project. They will be comfortable using a GoPro for recording themselves and their work, and with video and narrative techniques for conveying time lapse. Users will understand the importance of wearing a microphone to properly record one's voice.

*This workshop assumes a basic understanding of how to record media and get it on a computer.  If participants do not have these skills they should first take the workshop “Shoot Now, Edit Later | A Beginner's Workshop on How to Use GoPro and Premiere.” They can also schedule a one-on-one session if they desire.

Here is an example of an instructional video that was made in STEAMworks by Matt Lewis!

3D Printing Basics

Free and low-cost software, both downloadable and browser-based, exists to help you bring your ideas to life in three dimensions.

The software is readily learnable.

STEAMworks has 3D printers that you can use to create objects of your own design. Details on our fleet are here.

We're also able to refer you to places that can produce more elaborate prints in a variety of materials that go beyond what is available here in the library: platinum, sandstone, silver, gold, and more!


The handout linked above connects you to tools such as 3D design software, sources of printable files, and an easy-to-use supplier of high-quality 3D-printed objects created from your designs.

3D Scanning

Our 3D scanner, made by Matter and Form, bounces laser light off an object while it slowly rotates on a turntable. Two cameras register the reflected photons and, along with some mind-blowing software, stitch trillions of pixels into a point cloud.

After some tweaking by you, such a scan can become a faithful reproduction of the original object—one that you can export as a file for printing in 3D.

A bit of background knowledge can go a long way toward helping you produce great scans. Bring a favorite object if you like, one coffee-cup size or smaller, that you can scan into a file yourself.

Bishop chess piece: 3D scan

Devin Peterson scanned this bishop at STEAMworks, and then printed it here.

Upcycled Hard Drive Clock

Worried about throwing out your old hard drive...well, you should be! 

Ready to chuck your old computer? Even if you clear the drive, you still may worry that there's sensitive personal information on it. Well, worry no more. By upcycling that old hard drive into a clock you'll keep your information safe, and you'll have a clock to make sure you're never late! This clock is easy to create and is a great addition to your office, dorm room, or home; not to mention, it doubles as a mirror. This is a great workshop to introduce beginners to the art of re-purposing, and you get to walk away with something you made!

We supply the hard drives and the clock movements, and you supply the elbow grease and the creativity.


Green screen videos and photos, with Premiere Pro and Photoshop

Have you ever pictured yourself on Mars? Or at a Norwegian fjord?  Now you can at least pretend you were there, and have a photo to, um, "prove" it!


Using a greenscreen, you can easily give a photo the backdrop of your choice.  There are lots of creative options with greenscreening—but this workshop can at least give you the basics.


All you need for this workshop is a place to save your final image, be it to the cloud or to your device. You can use our camera or you can bring your own. A very basic understanding of Photoshop could be helpful—but isn't necessary.





Alyssa has Rey's and BB-8's backs


To encourage discovery, creation, and learning—beyond the conventional—by supplying. tools, inspiration, and know-how to spark the making, exploring, failing, sharing,trying-again, teaching and experiencing that make for a rich education.


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