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EDU 500 - Pabon: Finding Articles

Finding Articles

To Search Individual Databases:

  • Go to the Rohrbach Library home page:
  • If you already know the name of the database you want, you can click on the "A-Z List of Databases" and choose the one you want
  • If you want to see what education-related databases we have, click on the "Databases" tab on the library's home page then on "Research Guides and Databases by Subject" OR
  • Select "education" in the drop-down menu and click go
  • Choose the database that you would like to search

To Search for Articles:

There are two main ways you can find online journal articles related to your topic:

  1. by going to the specific journal title to browse the issues
  2. by doing keyword searches in a database like Education Source

Searching by journal title allows you to browse through the journal by going into each issue/volume to see the articles available, or you can search within that journal title in the database.

If you know the title of a journal, such as the Journal of Social Science Education or the International Journal of Multicultural Education you can find out if we have it in a database by clicking on the “Journal Title Search” tab on the library's home page. Omit any articles appearing at the beginning of the title for best results. To search for The Social Studies, for example, you would just search for "Social Studies" as a journal title search.

If we have that title either in print or through an online database, you will get a list of where to find the journal. Clicking on the title of the journal will take you to the record for that journal where you can search the journal. If you click on the database listed under that title, you will get to a list of all the issues/volumes for that title and again will get an option to search within that title.

Please ask a librarian for assistance if you need help. The Rohrbach Library has librarians available Sunday 2-8 and Monday-Friday 10-8. There are often librarians available at other times, but someone will always be on call during those hours. In addition, you can make an appointment with Professor Karen Wanamaker, KU's education librarian, by emailing her at:

Boolean Searching

Want better search results? When you use Boolean searching as an alternative to straight keyword searching, you use the words AND, OR, and NOT to limit and broaden your search. You can use parentheses to help organize your terms as well.

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