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ENG 023 - Leonard: Finding an Op-ed and Advertisement

Finding an Op-ed

What is an Op-ed?

An Op-ed is an opinion piece, usually in a newspaper or magazine that is written from the perspective of the author of the essay rather than the newspaper as a whole.

Where can I find an Op-ed?

Academic Search Ultimate

When you click on Academic Search Ultimate you can limit your search to Op-eds by a limiter that is all the way down the page.  Once you see the Special limiters section pictured below, highlight what you are hoping to find, such as Newspapers in Publication Type and ‚ÄčOpinion‚Äč in Document Type.


If you do a general search of op-ed on Google many of the first hits will be from major newspapers such as the NYtimes. 


You can also Google Op-ed with a particular newspaper or topic

Finding an Advertisement

There are a few methods you can take to find an advertisement that works for your project.

First you can try a library database

Academic Search Ultimate

Scroll down the page and you will find the box where you can limit your search to  newspapers and then even further to advertisements.

There are also a lot of good resources online: