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Assignment 3 – Read between the headlines

In this assignment, we will examine the ways in which the news media uses rhetorical strategies to imply bias (intentionally or unintentionally) and therefore influencing the way in which we receive the news and so-called “truths.” To do so, you will pick a major news event (defined by something that has a breadth of coverage in various outlets as well as something that was covered over the course of time). We will do quantitative analysis on a selection of news items, looking for rhetorical patterns and comparisons that help us to understand bias and influence.

To begin, we will model the example of the New Jersey Four as a class before you begin work on the example of your choice.

The end result will be an infographic analysis of your findings, allowing you to not only work on written analysis, but also visual rhetoric.

Due dates:

March 5 – initial survey of a single newspaper

March 19 – Topic selection/Computer lab

March 21 – Computer lab

March 30 – infographic draft

April 2 – final infographic due

Text taken from the following website on 3/23/18: