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FYS 100 - Secrecy & Information Security (2019) with Dr. Landquist: Choosing a Topic

Personal Connection!

The Topic relates to:

  • My major
  • Something that happened to
    • me,
    • a family member
    • a friend
  • I saw it on
    • TV
    • The news
    • Social media


Personal Experience

  • Someone I know fell for an Internet scam
  • My uncle shared a hateful article on Facebook
  • My mom is always posting about me 
  • My friend’s identity was stolen
  • I heard that using social media can make you depressed
  • I’m having trouble deciding what information is good on Google
  • Someone told me search algorithms are racist 
  • My little sister spends all of her time watching other kids play with toys on Youtube Kids
  • How is technology being manipulated to influence elections

Constructing a Research Question

When developing a research question or deciding on a topic for an undergraduate research paper, it is important for it to be broad enough that you will find enough information for your project, but specific enough that you don’t have to write a book to answer the question.

Why are some people more likely than others to fall for Internet scams?
What is the history of Internet scams in the US?
What is an Internet scam?

Why do people share false information on social media?
How can we influence others to share more responsibly?
Do people share false information?

Why do parents share so much information about their kids on social media?
What do teens think about their parents sharing information about them on social media?

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