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FYS 100 - Secrecy & Information Security (2019) with Dr. Landquist: Choosing Keywords

Refining your Search

Make a List

  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Related words
  • Use the thesaurus in Word or on the Web
  • Use the database to give suggestions


  • Internet => World Wide Web
  • Education => learning, teaching, instruction


Choose a topic below or use one of your own and break it into keywords

  1. Why are some people more likely than others to fall for Internet scams?
  2. What is the history of Internet scams in the US?
  3. Why do people share false information on social media?
  4. How can we influence others to share information on social media more responsibly?
  5. Why do parents share so much information about their kids on social media?
  6. What do teens think about their parents sharing information about them on social media?

Other ideas

  1. Bitcoin (History or current state)
  2. Effective passwords
  3. Why are hackers targeting medical information
  4. Current laws against hacking
  5. Cyber terrorism
  6. Cyber bullying
  7. Current state of encryption technology


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