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FYS 100:The Power of Place 2020 with Dr. Schnell: Library Search Engines

Article Search

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AKA: EBSCO Omnisearch


  • One stop shopping
  • Searches multiple databases
  • Searches almost everything we own
  • Good for finding a needle in a hay stack
  • Provides citations for items found


  • Results can be overwhelming
  • Subject words are not uniform across databases
  • Finds more false hits

Books & Media Search

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  • Books
  • E-Books
  • Streaming Video

Does not find

  • Journal Articles



  • Requires both words to be present in each record in the results.

  • Narrows your search

Search Term



 55,000+ hits

 Los Angeles

 1,843,000+ hits

 Gentrification AND Los Angeles

 12,000+ hits

The words 'gentrification' and 'Los Angeles' will both be present in each record.


  • Either word can be present in each record in the results.
  • Broadens your search.
Search Term Hits
 Poverty  6,020,160 hits
 Poverty OR low-income OR disadvantaged.  9,472,302 hits