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FYS 100:The Power of Place 2020 with Dr. Schnell: Activity

In Class Activity

Topic List for FYS 100: Power of Place

Use the library’s databases and catalog to find (at least 5) PEER-REVIEWED books/articles on a particular topic. 

  • Place identity of a particular place (city, state, country, region)
  • Place image in popular culture (city, state, country, region)
  • Ethnic landscapes (of a particular group/nationality)
  • Ethnic neighborhoods
  • Gentrification
  • Public art and place identity
  • Monuments and memorials
  • Place names
  • Local food (farmers markets, community supported agriculture, farm-to-table, craft breweries, etc.)
  • Immigration and place

If your search turns up too many possibilities consider narrowing your scope to a particular city or region.