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FYS 100 with Dr. Nordlund: Finding Articles on Library Databases

FYS topic: Body Adornment and Tattooing


Databases for Magazine and Journal Articles


Start at the Library Home page. In the white menu under the red banner, select FIND INFORMATION and then DATABASES A-Z

Databases with articles from Magazines, Journals, and Newspapers:

  • Academic Search Complete from EBSCO. Almost all the entries in this database have the article attached, which means it is a "full-text" database.  Also, it is part of the EBSCOHost interface, so you can use MY EBSCO to save the citations.  If you don't know about MY EBSCO, you should register at the "Sign In" tab at the top and set up an account.
  • Research Library from Proquest, like Academic Search Complete, is a database that has magazines, newspapers, and journals on all subjects. The information goes from everyday knowledge to highly complex research journals.


  • Newsbank   If you are working on a topic that is VERY current, you might wish to get some background information from U.S. newspapers. This database indexes all major city and smaller city newspapers in the U.S.A.

Database with only scholarly journals:

  • JSTOR This database has scholarly articles on all subjets. Most of the citations have articles attached.


OMNISEARCH searches almost all the library databases at once.

This is a good place TO START searching for your specific topic.

It is the default for the search box on the library homepage

Interlibrary Loan interface

Interlibrary Loan (ILL), or borrowing books and articles from other libraries, is provided through a software called TIPASA.

  • It gives you access to millions of titles for books and articles from across the world through the WorldCat database of library holdings. 

  • Your account keeps track of all your transactions and can give

  • The article will self-destruct in 30 days if you do not view it.

  • The article will self-destruct after the fifth download.   Download the article to a safe-place -- somewhere that backs up to the cloud.