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AST 30 -- Mission to the Planets (2019) with Dr. Kraal: Search Strategies

Word Ambiguity


Do you mean...

  • The planet?
  • The god?
  • The element?
  • The NASA program?
  • The rocket?
  • The former division of Ford?
  • The boat?
  • The newspaper?
  • The insurance company?
  • The credit card company?

Boolean Searching


  • Either word (or phrase) can be present in each record.
  • Broadens your search.

Search Term



 1,456,989 hits


 262,628 hits

 Water OR Oceans

 1,623,532 hits



  • Both words must be present in each record.
  • Narrows your search

Search Term



 33,778 hits

 Water or Oceans

 1,623,532 hits

 Mars AND (Water or Oceans)

4,547 hits