Commission on Human Diversity

Rachel Marie-Crane Williams

Painting by Rachel Marie-Crane Williams: I Just Laughed and Cleaned My Gun

I Just Laughed and Cleaned My Gun by Rachel Marie-Crane Williams, keynote speaker of the 2016 conference.

February 26, 2016 (Friday) — McFarland Student Union, Kutztown University

Multipurpose Room (MSU 218):
- Registration begins
8:45am - Welcome message  


Program cover
MSU218  Keynote Address - Rachel Williams
MSU250  Encouraging Students to Speak for Social Justice Beyond the Classroom​ - Colleen Clemens, Facilitator 
MSU223  Diversity Training with College Students - Katherine Sternbergh 
MSU183  Post-Keynote Breakout - Rachel Williams 
MSU183  The Intersectionality of Diversity - Nykolai Blichar, Facilitator
MSU116  Hunger & Homelessness in College Students - Leah Cassellia
MSU223  Transformative Justice: All Voices Heard - Jo Cohen, Facilitator
MSU250  The New "Other": Being Muslim in America - Christine Saidi, Facilitator
MSU218  Catered lunch, featuring Guest Speaker Danielle Notaro – Poet, writer, actor, and director
MSU250  Voicing our Region's Heritage: Pennsylvania Germans in Kutztown’s Sesquicentennial Year - William Donner, Jennifer Schlegel, Patrick Donmoyer
MSU223  Gender Differences in Depression Diagnoses - Amanda Foulds
MSU183  Hear OUR Voices - Student Panel
MSU250  The Impact of White Privilege from a Black Perspective: A Time for Change - Deborah Johnson
MSU116  Voter Registration & Resources - Leah Cassellia
MSU223  How To Build Persistent & Confident Students - Irma Aguirre
MSU183  Legacy of Africa: New Identities - Christine Saidi, Facilitator
MSU218  Overcoming Violence and Finding Your Strength - Olivia Hassler