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Kutztown University Distinguished Speaker Series On Law & Justice, 2008-2009: Home

Audio files of talks by Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Bobby Seale, Peter Irons, and Michael Parenti--speakers invited by KU Criminal Justice professor Will Plouffe, JD

Kevorkian, Seale, Irons, and Parenti at Kutztown

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Audio Downloads
To load a talk to a portable player, right-click the MP3 link and choose Save Target As...  (Explorer), Save Link As... (Firefox, Chrome), or Download Linked File As... (Safari).  To listen at your computer, left-click the link or use the embedded audio player.

Jack Kevorkian
Dr. Jack Kevorkian September 20, 2009
MP3  (24.5MB  -  105 min.)
Civil Rights, Civil Disobedience, and Criminal Justice
Euthanasia advocate, strident critic of conventionality; author of books on assisted suicide and the Ninth Amendment. Kevorkian died in June 2011.

Bobby Seale
Bobby Seale   Feb. 27, 2009
MP3  (36.8MB - 105 min.)    STRONG LANGUAGE
The Intersection of Race, Politics and Criminal Justice
Founding Chairman of the Black Panther Party; Chicago Seven trial defendant;activist, ecologist, author, mentor to youth.



Peter Irons
Peter Irons  
Oct. 29, 2008
MP3  (39.2MB - 111 min.)
War Powers, Guantanamo, and the Japanese Internment Camps
Legendary civil rights attorney and activist;
founder of the Earl Warren Bill of Rights Project;

legal scholar and historian.

Michael Parenti  
Sep. 17, 2008
MP3  (29.6MB  -  84 min.)
Terrorism and Superpatriotism
Longtime judge for Project Censored;
former Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies;
progressive opinion leader and author of twenty books.

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