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MUU 233 Brass Techniques . Dr. Metcalf: At the Library

This guide is a companion to the final project for the MUU 223 course taught by Dr. Metcalf

At the library

​Where to find print materials on Music and Teaching Music in the Rohrbach Library:

The Rohrbach Library uses the Library of Congress (LC) classification system to group our books, scores and curriculum materials by subject on the shelves. The call number is on the white pressure label on the spine or front oover.  Every LC number starts with one or two letters.  The letter for Music just happens to be "M"

  • M = music scores
  • ML = music literature (i.e., books about music, such as biographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, histories, and so on)
  • MT = musical instruction, including analysis, performance techniques, orchestration, and other pedagogical topics.


To find materials in the library, use the LIBRARY CATALOG tab on the search box.

Tips for searching the Library Catalog

  1. Always remember to login
  2. The library catalog will not correct spelling errors, so if you don't get a lot of results, check your spelling.
  3. The materials you need for this project could be in several different places:
    1. "Main Collection" is this library's way of saying the book or score is on the shelf and you can take it out.  
    2. "Oversized" means the book is larger than standard format and is in a special section on the first floor, near the front door.  There are a lot of musical scores in the "Oversized" collection.
    3. "Curriculum Materials" are the resources such as books, teachers' kits, and other instructional resources for K-12. The Curriculum Materials center is on the ground floor of the library. The book section in the center contains teacher's guides.  There is also materials in the Kit Room.  Music materials are in "M" and "MT"
  4. The Call Number, the number you use to find the book on the shelf is in parenthesis after "Available at the Rohrbach Library"

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