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Policies: Courtesy Patrons (Library users not affiliated with KU)

Courtesy Patrons

Circulation and Computer Use Policy for Courtesy Patrons

  • Policy Statement: The library provides limited borrowing privileges and limited Windows computer access to adult residents of Pennsylvania who are not Kutztown University students or employees.
  • Regulations:
    • Courtesy patrons must be registered at the library and present their library card when borrowing materials.
    • In order to register, a person must be an adult (18 years of age or older) and present one form of photo identification (driver’s license, ID card, etc.) and proof of address.
    • High school students:
      • High school students can receive a courtesy card for borrowing books only. They must fill out the High School Student Registration form, and return it with a parent’s or guardian’s signature.
      • High school students cannot receive a Windows password. The Children’s Internet Protection Act (17 USC 1701-1741) requires Internet filter programs be installed on public access computers used by minor-age children to protect them from “adult” content. KU does not have internet filters.
    • Loan period: 28 days.
    • Renewals: None.
    • Holds & recalls: None.
    • Maximum number of books at one time: 25.
    • Overdue fines: Ten cents per day per item up to a maximum of $10.00. Overdue fines are waived if a patron pays to replace an item, or provides a new copy of a lost item.
    • Fees for lost items: Standard fee for type of item borrowed; no processing fee; borrowing privileges suspended indefinitely when the patron owes lost item fees.
    • Fees for printing: Ten cents per page.
    • Audiovisual materials: Courtesy Patrons are not allowed to borrow audiovisual equipment or media items.
    • Interlibrary loan & Document delivery: Courtesy patrons are not eligible for interlibrary loan or document delivery. Refer courtesy patrons who need to use interlibrary loan or document delivery to their local public library for assistance.
  • Procedures:
    • Registering a person for a Courtesy Library Card:
      • Person must present a photo ID, such as a driver’s license and proof of address.
      • Check to make sure patron is not already registered in circulation.
      • Add or edit the patron information and issue a gold Rohrbach Library Card.
      • Set the expiration date for one year from today; the purge date for two years from today.
      • Give the patron a copy of the “Welcome, you are now a Courtesy patron at the Rohrbach Library” handout.
    • Windows computer ID and password:
      • A generic username and password can be obtained at the Information Desk.
      • Courtesy patrons are restricted to using only the computers specifically designated for Courtesy Patrons on the first floor.
    • Printing from computers for Courtesy Patrons:
      • Printing from the Courtesy Patron computers will be directed to the staff printer in RL100.
      • Patrons will need to see a permanent staff member at the Information Desk to claim and pay for their print jobs.
      • Courtesy patrons will be charged 10 cents for each usable page.
      • Rohrbach Library is unable to accept cash. To pay for overdue fines or printing, Courtesy Patrons must purchase a Paw Pass (a re-loadable debit card) in the KUCard office at the Academic Forum and present the Paw Pass at the Main Desk. Hours and contact information for the KUCard office are at

      Approved by the Dean of Library Services 07/2008