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Policies: KU Administrators, Faculty, and Staff

Lending: Kutztown University Faculty and Staff


  • Policy Statement: The library provides extended borrowing privileges for library print materials to employees of Kutztown University.
  • Rationale: Faculty and administrators require extended loan periods to accommodate the research process. Staff are extended the same privileges. The library collection and library budget are not of the size that faculty can hold large collections of library books in their offices indefinitely without impacting the ability of students and other faculty to conduct scholarly research. If faculty discover they need books for more than one year, they are encouraged to scan or photocopy the needed material, or to purchase a personal copy.
  • Regulations:
    • A patron record for each employee is automatically loaded into our circulation system. All University employees are issued an official KU ID card to use at the library.
    • Faculty and staff need to present their KU ID card when borrowing materials.
    • Employees are responsible for returning items in the same condition in which they were borrowed. If a print item is damaged, the employee will be asked to replace the item or pay the appropriate fee.
    • Loan Period: 180 days, except Leisure Reading/Rental books which are loaned for 28 days.
    • Renewals: One. After one renewal the patron needs to return the item to the library to verify the item has not been lost. The item can be checked out again if there are no holds or recalls.
    • Holds & Recalls: There is a 'Request' link for each item in the catalog, You will have to sign in with your KU credentials to place a hold. If an item is recalled, you will receive a notice from the library.
    • Maximum Number of Items at One Time: 100.
    • Overdue Fines: None.
    • Fees for Lost Items: Standard fee for type of item borrowed; no processing fee. Items that have been declared “Lost” in the circulation system need to be returned to the library and discharged. The items may then be checked out to the patron again if asked.
    • Audiovisual Materials: DVDs, audio CDs are available.
    • Interlibrary Loan: KU employees can have up to 20 interlibrary loan books out at once.

Approved by the Dean of Library Services 06/2008; revised 08/2011