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Free Button Madness!

Never made a button? Get started for free!

Beginning button-makers in STEAMworks get their first one on the house. Draw yours at home, or right here using our art supplies, or use a favorite photo with our handy foolproof 1.5" template!

(Subsequent buttons are 20 cents a pop; fridge magnets are 50 cents.)


Virtual Reality!

VR for Fun & Learning Think VR is not for people like you? Odds are you’re mistaken! Click to book an expert STEAMpunk tour guide.


 Set up a date to meet with a STEAMpunk to see how.

Painting tiny game pieces!

If we can print it on a 3D printer, chances are you can paint it. All it takes is a good eye, a smooth and steady hand, and a lot of patience!

Sew and Embroider—Digitally!

Stitching is enriching! Come in to learn and to make your dream costume!


 Set up a date to meet with a STEAMpunk to see how

Ryan Abadilla and some of his work with the Janome embroidery machine

3D Printing

If you can think it, maybe you can print it! Come for workshops and one-on-one sessions to learn about designing objects in three dimensions and printing them in glorious plastic.


 Set up a date to meet with a STEAMpunk to see how.


Sewing & Embroidery!

Stitching is enriching! Come in to learn and to make your dream costume!


 Set up a date to meet with a STEAMpunk to see how.

Jae Hernandez, sewing

STEAMpunk Miguel Nieves honored by President Hawkinson!

Come congratulate our own Miguel Nieves-Díaz, Kutztown University's latest Employee of the Month.  Flanking Miguel and Dr. Kenneth Hawkinson at the July 25 ceremony are librarians Martha Stevenson (RL Director), Bruce Jensen, Bob Flatley, and Karen Colburn



President Hawkinson and Miguel, flanked by Rohrbach Library staffers

Make the coolest buttons!

Buttonmaking Schedule a quick session for pro tips about designing for, and using, our button maker. Learn ways to get your message on a backpack, or lots of them!


 Set up a date to meet with a STEAMpunk to see how.

Buttons displayed on a wall

Learn to Greenscreen!

Greenscreening Your World See how to put yourself (or your 3D-printed Eiffel Towers) anywhere in the universe! In a photo or a video, anyway.


 Set up a date to meet with a STEAMpunk to see how.

Cows in a field with the Eiffel Tower

Print making

Make the best impression! Come in to learn to carve and to ink linoleum with an expert whose passion is contagious.


 Set up a date to meet with a STEAMpunk to see how

What is S T E A M ?

S. T. E. A. M. stands for:

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math

The STEM acronym, applied to high-tech fields of study, has become increasingly familiar outside the world of education. Mentioned by name in several State of the Union speeches, STEM drives initiatives which prepare us for what the former President called "jobs of tomorrow." Wise educators and technologists alike have long recognized the importance of art and design to the STEM fields, as well as to life itself. For us, STEAM suggests energy, heat, and motion - the acronym could just as easily be TEAMS in light of the collaboration and mutual support that this makerspace and many others strive to foster.

Got a Group? Plan a Visit!

Even though our room holds dozens of happy people, herding your posse in by surprise can create a situation that makes some of them uncomfortable. Check our calendar to see what else might be happening in here, and feel free to email or call us at 484-646-4175.

Kutztown Technology Association

The Kutztown Technology Association is a student chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP). Weekly meetings are held on Thursdays in STEAMworks (unless otherwise noted) to talk all things tech. They are open to tech and non-tech majors alike!


A remarkable feature of STEAMworks is our HTC Vive. The first public VR setup in the PASSHE system has more than 50 games to keep creativity, discovery, and crazy fun in play.


It's free and open to all. We ask only for your signature (or that of a guardian, if you're not yet 18) on this waiver form.

What's this?   
An infrared motion detector logs people passing in and out. Not a count of unique humans who visit STEAMworks, but a useful time-based tally of traffic through the door from day to day.


To encourage discovery, creation, and learning—beyond the conventional—by supplying. tools, inspiration, and know-how to spark the making, exploring, failing, sharing,trying-again, teaching and experiencing that make for a rich education.


Rohrbach Library | RL18
Kutztown, Penna., USA
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Tel: 484-646-4175
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