Citation Guide

Properly citing your sources is a fundamental part of the research process—the foundation upon which scholarship is based. Here are tools available through the library and on the web to help you cite sources correctly.

Online Style Guides




CSE Format

APSA Style

American Political Science Association Style


Citation Guides

Citation Guides

Use these citation guides to see examples of different citation styles for a variety of source formats.

Citation Builders and Tools

Citation Builders and Tools

Enter your citation information, and these builders will create your bibliography for you in Chicago/Turabian, CSE, MLA or APA citation style. Online citation generators are no substitute for knowing proper style; they process data, so any errors that go into them carry over to the citations they make.

Library Books


Click a link below to do a quick catalog search on the style of your choice to see what books are available at Rohrbach Library:

Some Tips and Getting Help

Getting Help

  • Keep in mind that the purpose of a bibliography is to enable your reader to find the actual sources you used.
  • It's important to remember to note the databases that you use if you are getting articles and books online. The citation is the same, but it includes the database name and access information.
  • Web sites can be tricky - it's important to try to track down who is responsible for the site and when it was last updated.
  • Your instructor is likely to be an excellent source of bibliography information.
  • The reference librarians are experts on citations and bibliographies. Don't hesitate to ask for help. Ask for the research librarian on duty at the Information Desk, near the library entrance. During hours that the Research Desk is staffed, visit or call 610-683-4165 for professional assistance. At other times you can email