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FYS 100 - Dr. Leonard

Interviews of Authors

The best place to look for author interviews is probably You Tube.

CAUTION: Evaluate your source.  Make sure the source on the internet is credible, and not fake. Any self-published site, like many of those on YouTube are suspect. Make sure the person or group doing the interview is unbiased and abides by the best ethics of journalism.  In the box below is a highly respected, impartial infographic of major news resources to help you evaluate the journalist conducting the interview.

You can go directly from Google to YouTube interviews by using the "Site:" filter in Google.  Here is an example of a search:

Isabel Allende Interview

To find other ways to narrow your search, type Google Advanced Search into the regular Google search box.

You should also check in the BOOKS & MEDIA search for interviews, since there are some interviews in our documentary streaming services:  Films on Demand, Academic Video, and Docuseek.