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Library Directory

Name Department Room Phone
Boody, Dawn
Information Commons and Reserves Technician
Access Services 100 484-646-4177
Borrell, Karen
Acquisitions and Cataloging Technician
Metadata and Technical Services 25 610-683-4161
Colburn, Karen
Interlibrary Loan and Periodicals Technician
Interlibrary Loan 100B 610-683-4158
Czerny, Susan, Asst. Professor
Faculty Librarian,  Chair of Library Faculty
Archives & Digital Projects 2203A 610-683-4174
Dailey, Eileen
Evening Information Commons & Archives Technician
Access Services 1100 610-683-4701
Flatley, Robert, Assoc. Professor
Faculty Librarian
Acquisitions & Library Collections 25A 610-683-4168
Nieves, Miguel
Information Commons Technician
STEAMworks 18 484-646-4175
Pham, Sylvia, Asst. Professor
Faculty Librarian
Outreach & Student Engagement 103B 610-683-4813
Prock, Krista, Assoc. Professor
Faculty Librarian
Information Literacy 103A 610-683-4173
Stafford, Daniel, Asst. Professor
Faculty Librarian
OER & Emerging Technologies 100A 610-683-4482
Stevenson, Martha
Director of Library Services
Administration 201A 610-683-4484
Tanzos, Jennifer
Administrative Assistant for Library Services
Administration 201 610-683-4484
Wanamaker, Karen, Assoc. Professor
Faculty Librarian
Curriculum Materials Center 21 610-683-4709
Weber, Michael, Assoc. Professor
Faculty Librarian
Metadata & Technical Services 25B 610-683-4746

Rohrbach Library Phone Numbers


Information Desk 610-683-4480
Administration 610-683-4484
Interlibrary Loan 484-646-4176
Research Services 610-683-4480
STEAMworks Makerspace 484-646-4175
Archives 610-683-4174