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Rohrbach Library Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

2022 - 2025 Rohrbach Library Strategic Plan

Information Literacy (Supports KU Goal: Academic Excellence)

Goal 1: Embrace an information literacy program that enables learners to demonstrate the ability to retrieve, interpret, evaluate, and use information.


1. Develop a campus-wide leveled information literacy program

a. Action: Librarians develop an information literacy framework to support courses or research at the following levels:

i. Introductory level
ii. Intermediate level
iii. Advanced level

2. Advocate for the plan

a. Action: Create and deliver a plan to promote the IL program. This should include elements for faculty, students, and management.

3. Assess student information literacy levels

a. Action: Evaluate student knowledge, learning and growth of information literacy competencies using a range of methodologies.

Learner Experience (Supports KU Goals: Academic Excellence and Sustainability of Resources and Stewardship of Place)

Goal 2: Make the learner experience central to the design and delivery of all services and resources

1. Implement continuous improvement of the library’s online presence

a. Action: Use available data to evaluate and adapt the library’s online presence
b. Action: Evaluate all aspects of the library’s online presence to ensure adherence to current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

2. Create an atmosphere that is welcoming to all and uniquely focused on academic uses and student support.

a. Action: Review and implement cost effective recommendations from 2021 space study
b. Action: Conduct additional targeted studies and implement feasible recommendations.

3. Expand the reach and effectiveness of research services

a. Action: Use reference analytics reports to evaluate research services
b. Action: Modify services as needed based on evaluation

4. Expand current digitization program to meet the needs of the Kutztown University community

a. Action: Create a manual that defines the scope and priorities for the library’s digitization program
b. Action: Build and promote the program in partnership with liaisons

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI) (Supports KU Goal: Caring Campus Community)

Goal 3: Support a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion within the library

1. Develop and implement an EDI initiative

a. Action: Continue to build and promote the initiative
b. Action: Create professional development opportunities for staff to learn more about bias and systemic racism.
c. Action: Expand awareness through collection development by enhancing the discovery and identification of diverse materials.

Approved 4-20-22