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CRJ010 - Library Research: Activity Outline

Research Guide for CRJ 010 Classes

Activity Outline

Open two windows - one with this library guide and one with the library assignment

Document each step in the library assignment.

  1. Choose a topic that interests you from this list of CRJ research topics.
  2. Generate a series of keywords related to your topic.
  3. After you have chosen your topic you now need to find sources to support it. You can find sources in websites, books, videos, newspapers, articles, etc. Normally, of course, you would seek out sources that best support your theses statement not necessarily one source from each source type. For this practice paper you are going to:
  • Find one reference article using GVRL
  • Find one book or video using the library catalog
  • Find one scholarly article using the library website
  • Find one case or statue using Westlaw

4. Record what is the best way to get library assistance.