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Human Library: 2019 Catalog

This guide collects resources and information related to the Rohrbach Library planned Human Library Event scheduled for November 9, 2017

2019 Book Titles

Faith-Based Scientist- I have a Ph.D in Biology and I am ordained minister. In the 71 years on this earth I have come to agree that with many of the famous founders of the modern experimental scientific method who were deeply religious and were able to integrate their faith with their excellent science. Indeed there is good evidence that their religious faith and their science were synergetic, and helps to explain why they made so much progress in the science of their day. I'd love to discuss more with you with gentleness and respect.

Addict- I was the all-American girl from an all-American family; but addiction knows no barriers. But addiction cut my first semester at KU short. Now I am 26 year old freshman. It's been a seven year journey of recovery and healing to return to KU. Lets talk about addiction, recovery, and LIFE!

Healing Hurt; Helping Hands- Past experiences of abuse, pain, and loss have provided me opportunity for personal growth and finding purpose in my life. My healing has helped me to really understand where people are coming from and how to be a helping force for others. It hasn't been easy, but my journey has helped me see beyond anger and self-pity to experience a life of gratefulness and gladness.

Over It: Reclaiming My Life After Trauma- My early chapters (1-18) are full of tragedy, heartache, insanity (literally), and immense stories of trauma. But I'm over it. I've worked through it, to the point that I can be joyful, healthy, and successful. Of course we all human and I'm still working through things. We can be stronger and go beyond many of of the limits we place on ourselves- or that others try to place on us.

Homecoming: Woman Combat Veteran- Being a combat woman in the military is full of stereotypes and challenges. But coming home and reintegrating back into civilian life was just as challenging. I used poetry, like the warrior of old using storytelling to help not just with my own homecoming- but also to share what people can do to welcome their veterans back into the community. Let me share my story with you and answer your questions!

Veganism: The Why and How- I have been vegan for three years and would love to share my experiences and information with you. Ask away! Will be glad to talk about the reasons to be vegan, general misconceptions, how to transition, and how to deal with social settings (including your family)! 

From Morocco to Kutztown- I am an international faculty who lived and studied in different countries with different languages. I believe we must be able to adapt and be open minded as we meet others, make friends, close gaps, and reduce prejudice. I am a woman from a patriarchial culture and now live in the United States as a Muslim. It's been quite a journey from Morocco to Kutztown and I'd love to share with you how I deal with stereotypes and prejudice.

Superwoman Complex- Black Women=resilience and strength. But do we measure strength only by the amount of pain you can endure? Sometimes we may be asked to sacrifice too much. I want to know that I am HUMAN; even though we as black women are often not allowed to show signs of weakness. Ask me about my experience with race, gender, mental health, and even trying to fill that role of Superwoman here at KU.

The Anxious Band Geek: Finding Myself by Accident- I grew up in a large school district and was always desperately trying to find way to "fit in" and not impload from other social pressures. I moved from an open child to a closed teenager. But I found release in music- and when I found my "family" in the band, I started to find myself! I embraced the band geek identity and it really let me be myself and start to live life as myself- not the "pretend" me.

I Sense Differently- Around campus you may see me using my cane and can observe my sight-limitations. But at nigh you can usually find me talking to my friends about such concepts as string theory; the design of the universe or aspects of how the human brain processes information differently. My optic nerve disease does limit my physical sight, so I use brail, my cane and other tools to meet life's challenges. But my other tool is the gift of being psychic which I discovered 6 years ago. Both of these things shape the way I experience things which may be different than you-lets talk about it!

The Fewer the Prouder- Serving in the Marine Corps as a woman was rough. I was expected to behave, think, and train like a man. I'm a prould Marine, but the culture and atmosphere was not easy and it changed me as a person-good and bad.