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ENG 10 - Dr. Clemens: Finding Interviews

This is the research guide for Dr. Clemens' ENG 10, Introduction to Literature class

Interviews of Authors

The best place to look for author interviews is probably You Tube.

CAUTION: Evaluate your source.  Make sure the source on the internet is credible, and not fake. Any self-published site, like many of those on YouTube are suspect. Make sure the person or group doing the interview is unbiased and abides by the best ethics of journalism.  In the box below is a highly respected, impartial infographic of major news resources to help you evaluate the journalist conducting the interview.

The most respectable unbiased news sources are in the cluster at the top of the graphic in the middle gray area.

Otera's graphic for reliable news sources

Ad Fontes Media an organization headed by Vanessa Otera, a patent attorney, created this graphic of reliable news outlets:

Podcast Link for Interviewing Authors

The podcast on finding Interviews of authors is at: