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Rohrbach Library Open House: Faculty Info

Information regarding Rohrbach's annual open house

Faculty Info

The Rohrbach Library open house will take place on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Student Participation – This is a great opportunity to expose new students to a variety of our resources (physical, online and human). Students must find answers to questions on an orientation form. This year's form will be available online and hard copy. Students present during the open house hours will go to several departments and locations within the library to learn about services. We also have questions that will take them to our website for information regarding our online resources. Students will have until Friday, September 22 to turn in their forms at our main desk or submit the form online. This gives students who cannot be here during the open house – due to class schedules or other commitments – the opportunity to participate!
Course/Organization Credit – If you would like to use this library event for credit or as a student organization requirement, you can tell the students to fill in your name and the course/organization on top of their orientation form. Once we compile all the forms, we will let you know which of your students has participated. If you plan to do this, please let us know, it helps us to be better prepared for the day.
Prizes –  Students who turn in a valid, completed form will also have the opportunity to win prizes. Included are gift cards to the campus store and the grand prize (TBD). 
For more information about the open house or how to use it as participation credit with a KU course or organization, please contact
Sylvia Pham, spham@kutztown.edu