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Kutztown University Research Commons

How to submit research to the KURC

You will need an Abstract and Keywords

When you submit your research, you will have the opportunity to enter an abstract. 

Your Abstract should

  • be about 200 words long. What does not fit in the text box on the form will not display on the screen either,
  • contain buzzwords or key phrases since search engines like Google or Bing will look in the abstract during a search.

Your Keywords should

  • be no more than 10 words or phrases separated by commons,
  • also contain or repeat the key phrases from the abstract because keywords are even more important than the abstract in an internet search.


Creative Commons license

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of open access information and creative works. 

When you submit your work, you will be asked to choose from a menu either no license or one of the licenses detailed here:

The Creative Commons license works with your copyright to protect you from having your work stolen or plagiarized by someone else.

The Creative Commons licenses govern four key areas:

  1. Attribution -- Requiring someone using your work to give you credit; or not.
  2. Commercial use -- Allowing a person, group, or a company (e.g. a commercial publisher) to sell your work for their profit; or not
  3. Derivation -- Can someone take your research or creative work and change or manipulate it into a new work that is theirs; or not
  4. Share-Alike -  you can also stipulate that if someone uses your work, they must use the same license as you did for your original; or not.

To choose a license, use this link:

For more information, please jump to